There are so many things that make a writer’s life easier.

First, the actual writing tools.

My absolute favorite book on writing (and the most mind-blowing and helpful) is John Truby’s book, called The Anatomy of a Story: the 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Story Teller.

Click on the picture and you can purchase your own copy.

When I am looking for ideas, I either consult my very own prompt jar (these are one word, one-picture, or sentences that have helped prompt ideas over the past 8 years)  My Prompt Jar



or I rummage through my Storymatic box – yup, you can purchase one for yourself by clicking on the picture below.

I do also have my own copies of The Chicago Manual of Style
Well, writing does tend to be a sitting-for-a-long-time challenge – and I found it was affecting my back. I have solved this with the 10-Minute Cushion. I break 2 or 3 times per day and use this helpful little cushion, and my back loves it.


There are times when I spend way too long at my computer keyboard, and I desperately need a tea or coffee or even a hot chocolate pick-me-up. The best investment I ever made in this regard is my wonderful Keurig.

and, of course,if you love delicious teas from all over, don’t forget to get the reusable filter.

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