Final Front CoverMarilyn’s current book is Short Tales From a Tall Person:

Marilyn chose this title because of her parents.  As she tells the story:

“My Mom and Dad were totally to blame for the fact that I thought I was tall. Coming from South Africa, where the only really tall people were the beautiful and regal Zulus, I was expected to be unusually tall. This, because at the age of 10, I was fast approaching my mother’s grand height of 5’ 2”. Since my father had only reached the staggering height of 5’ 9”, both parents constantly exclaimed “she’s going to be really tall.” Naturally I was convinced I was. This is a belief I hold to this day, and no six footers or higher will ever convince me otherwise. Personally those people over six feet appear to me to be freakishly vertically challenged. While I, on the other hand, am simply tall. So how far up the scale do I go? I am 5’ 3 3/8”. Trust me, when you’re as tall as I am, every 1/8 of an inch counts.”

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Marilyn Kleiber’s “Short Tales From a Tall Person” swoops you from humour to terror and back again.

A wide and varied collection of entertaining stories and poems, many with a surprising twist which leave you aghast . . . or wondering. The author paints pictures of both hope and horror and you’re never sure which until the end. Her mixed bag of characters, settings and plot lines leave you wanting more from this prolific writer.

However, as the delightful cover suggests, I would not recommend reading this book by candlelight! — Gloria Nye, Editor & Publisher


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Short Tales From a Tall Person is published by Sun Dragon Press, an independent Canadian publisher.

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