Marilyn 43Marilyn Kleiber has been writing ever since she could put words to paper. She believes that as children we all have the talent to create stories for our friends and relatives. All too soon, our education system encourages us to suspend our imaginations, and we forget the ability to create.

She is published in both fiction and non-fiction, and has discovered the joys of blogging.  Marilyn has also written a number of short screenplays, and has a feature length screenplay, a novel and a couple of non-fiction books awaiting completion and publication.

In her day job, she is a director of Sun Dragon Press Inc., and her favorite calling is to encourage writers who have a way with words, a story to tell, information to unfold, and a desire to be published.

For those writers who wish to self publish, Marilyn can advise through the hand-holding process, and with her background, can readily prepare the interior design, cover, and other aspects that a self publisher might need.

She regularly teaches courses on writing, marketing and self-publishing.MKleiber-2

Marilyn currently lives in small town in Ontario with a husband, an iMAC, and two virtual cats.


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