Inspiration for a writer comes from the every day, the unusual, the mundane, and the brilliant. This is why I belong to a writers’ group. They include some very inspiring people. At our meetings, discussions and retreats I have plumbed new depths of my own creativity. Best of all, I have begun to recognise the extraordinary creativity in every person on this planet.

I am always astonished when someone says to me “I am not creative and I can’t do what you do.” I always encourage these people to say instead “I have not discovered how to express my creativity yet.” Everyone is creative, it is just that some do not realise their own power.

My greatest joy, however, is finding those golden, glowing nuggets of creative examples in every walk of life. My most delightful discovery recently is that of a young woman of twelve who produced a poem that literally blew me away. Jamie is a young person who has lived but a short time and has no lengthy experience with life on Planet Earth. I believe she taps into a much deeper wisdom.

I would like to share with you a poem that received an honourable mention in a local writers’ festival.


Fear is nothing, but fear is everything
Fear is invisible, but it can be seen
Fear is blind, but it stares at you
Fear is deaf, but it hears you
Fear can’t smell, but it senses your blood
Fear can’t taste, but it thinks you’re delicious
Fear can’t touch, but it can grab you
Fear can’t breathe, but its heart still beats
Fear can’t live forever, but it’s always alive
Fear is small, but it’s everyone’s world
Fear is lurking but it can’t be caught
Fear is me . . .

Look behind you

With thanks to Jamie B. for her permission to reproduce her poem here, and who has inspired me greatly.

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