Embracing Change

Some time ago, I was in New Jersey volunteering at a seminar designed to teach trainers how to be leaders. I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand, some incredible examples of how people change.

I am sure all of us have heard about the 80/20 rule. It is a relationship between those that do and those that do not, in organisations, businesses, or seminars.

In an organisation or business, about 20% of the people usually do about 80% of the work, and about 80% of the people do little or none.

The only exception to this general rule that I know of, is that financially, approximately 5% of the people earn 95% of the money in the world.

Now it is quite possible that only 20% of the people in our world embrace change and actively seek ways in which to grow and refashion their lives.

Last week, I saw a huge number of anomalies to the 80/20 rule.

At the seminar I saw at least 90% of the attendees embrace transformation. They were people who stepped out of their comfort zones, and actively sought the change they knew would ultimately serve them well in their lives. They sat in the hot seats, they stood in the spotlights, they remained in the line of fire, because they knew that reshaping and revamping is what keeps us growing as human beings.

It is the pressure of change that creates greatness from chaos, and it was inspiring to see how many people were willing to do what it took to achieve that greatness.

Look around you and watch as others change, and let it inspire you to do the same.

Change is not something to be feared.

Consider an acorn. This little seed is put under pressure by water, sun, and soil and goes through the chaos of germination to produce an oak tree. The most wonderful thing is that once through the chaos, the oak tree can never return to being an acorn. We who have grown and evolved, can never go back to being less than we are now.

So embrace change, and you will always be moving forward.

Oh by the way, the other anomaly I observed? That 100% of the volunteers at the course I attended, did 100% of the work.


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